Senior Tenderfoot Club

Club Results


2020 Leaderboard

ESM (Ealing, Southall and Middlesex)1. ESM (Ealing, Southall and Middlesex)14,669.17
Ealing Eagles2. Ealing Eagles13,989.67
Queen's Park Harriers3. Queen's Park Harriers13,385.50
Mornington Chasers4. Mornington Chasers12,607.33
Metros5. Metros12,442.50
Serpentine6. Serpentine11,207.17
Sudbury Court7. Sudbury Court8,880.33
Dulwich Park Runners8. Dulwich Park Runners8,856.33

Result Status

Virtual Fixture 1 (8-14 June)Provisional
Virtual Fixture 2 (13-19 July)Provisional
Virtual Fixture 3 (10-16 August)