Main Race

The Winner in both the Women's and the Men's race scores 300 points, the second 299 and so on.

Bonus points are awarded to runners in the higher age categories (5 year bands) as below:

M40/F405 points
M45/F4510 points
M50/F5015 points
M55/F5520 points
M60/F6025 points
M65/F6530 points
M70/F7035 points
M75/F7540 points
M80/F8045 points

Best five men's scores, and best five women's scores to count towards team totals

Tenderfoot Race

The Winner in both the Girl's and Boy's race scores 100 points, the second 99 and so on.

Bonus points are awarded (2 points per year) from age 13 downwards

Age 132 points
Age 124 points
Age 116 points
Age 108 points
Age 910 points
Age 812 points
Age 7 and below14 points

Best three scores for both Girls and Boys to count towards team totals


Note as of 2017, all Relays now 4 per team

Men's relay and Women's Relay

An initial 20 points are awarded to each team per the number of teams taking part. Thus if six teams take part, each team starts with a base total of 120 points. Teams then score 20 points for each team finishing behind them, thus the winners would receive an additional 100 points, the second team 80 points etc.

B1 and B2 Relays

As above but with 10 points per team. B Relay scores are then subject to further additions dependent on the age categories of runners in the team.

Age 15/M40Add one twelfth
Age 14/M45/F40Add one sixth
Age 13/M50Add one quarter
Age 12/M55/F45Add one third
Age 11/M60Add one five twelfths
Age 10/M65/F50Add one half
Age 9/M70/F55Add one seven twelfths
Age 8/M75/F60Add one two thirds
Age 7 or less/M80/F65Add five sixths
F70Double score