Summer League Rules approved October 2016.


Senior Race

Tenderfoot Race

Recording of Results for Senior and Tenderfoot Races

Fun Run


There are four relays as follows:

  1. Ladies: Team of 4
  2. Men: Team of 4
  3. B1: Team of 4
  4. B2: Team of

B1 and B2 relays can be run together depending on the number of teams.

Affiliated Clubs


Participating Clubs' Responsibilities

Host Clubs' Responsibilities


Age Categories and Qualifying Dates


Qualifying date: 31st of August of prior year

M6Boys age 6F6Girls age 6
M7Boys age 7F7Girls age 7
M8Boys age 8F8Girls age 8
M9Boys age 9F9Girls age 9
M10Boys age 10F10Girls age 10
M11Boys age 11F11Girls age 11
M12Boys age 12F12Girls age 12
M13Boys age 13F13Girls age 13
M14Boys age 14F14Girls age 14

Senior Race

Qualifying date: Date of first event

MU17Men age 15-16FU17Women age 15-16
MU20Men age 17-19FU20Women age 17-19
SMMen age 20-39SFWomen age 20-34
F35Women age 35-39
M40Men age 40-44F40Women age 40-44
M45Men age 45-49F45Women age 45-49
M50Men age 50-54F50Women age 50-54
M55Men age 55-59F55Women age 55-59
M60Men age 60-64F60Women age 60-64
M65Men age 65-69F65Women age 65-69
M70Men age 70-79F70Women age 70-79
M80Men age 80+F80Women age 80+


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