Regent's Park

Date:28 July
Start time:09:30
Location: Map, Directions
Results: Senior, Tenderfoot

Key Timings

Pre race

Come fed and dressed ready to run. Changing rooms are not available to runners and the Hub Café does not open until 9AM. Toilets are available from 8.30

Main race and subsequent timings

9:30 start and please note that as we are a 10K race all timings flowing from the main race go back by circa 10/15 minutes from the earlier season races. Estimated timings…

Main race:   09:30
Tenderfoot:  10:45
Fun run:  11:05
Relays:  11:20


Will open shortly after we get our first finishers as it is being managed by Chasers who are racing

Getting there

Regents park is served by 3 tube stations marked on the map. The nearest entrance is called the “Monkey Gate”

Event area

This will be in front of the cricket nets opposite the Hub


The Hub toilets are open from 8:30 with the Café open from 9:00. Drinking water is available from taps opposite the hub

We won’t be providing bottled water so please advise runners to bring their own bottle. There will be a water station on the course with water also available at the picnic

Map 1 - Approximate Senior Race Route

This is effectively managed like a Park Run without the barcodes. Everyone starts on the gun and gets handed a ticket at the end (10K and Tenderfoot only).

We will finish funnel runners to the left where the cricket pitch is and up towards the water station. Please remind them to keep in the order they finished

Map 2 - Tenderfoot Route


Essentially, this is a smaller inner lap of the main course and shares the same start/finish and straight near the Zoo. This will all be run on the paths this year and marshalled as per the map opposite

Route | 1 mile / 1 lap course

Start as per the main race but then runners take a left at the water station. From there it is straight ahead until the path goes round to the left. Follow this path as it arcs round and slightly doubles back on itself. Runners then join the main course straight near the Zoo before the return down the start finish.

Again, the return down the start/finish straight (point 9) is always a tricky one. Again, this is marshalled but remind runners not to run down the path towards the hub.

Map 3 - Event Area

Event area

Opposite the hub in front of the cricket nets. This is where we will set up the picnic area and the first aid provider will be stationed

Relays and Fun Run

This will be marked out on the Soft-Ball pitch number 19

Key Park Rules

As ever we need to be aware and respectful of the Royal Parks rules and protocols. All of which can be found below:

Park regulations, legislation and policies - The Royal Parks

To highlight those key things relating to our event

•Gazebos: We only have 1 as per the event licence. If there are anymore, we will be charged for this £50/Gazebo
•Flags: Only 1 per club permitted. If you pitch 2 then you are likely going to be requested to take one of them down
•Pedestrians: They take priority at all times and we must be polite/respectful of them

To highlight those key things which the Royal Parks in general takes very seriously

•Litter: Get caught doing this and it is £60 fine
•Cycling: Do this outside the designated areas and it is a £60 fine
•Dogs: Fail to clear up after your dog and it is a £60 fine

Map 4 - Info for marshals: water station and marshalling points

Route | 3 lap course

This is exactly the same route as last year but likely different to that which those who have run this course over the winter may know.

This is the traditional route out towards the Chester Gate with the double back down the Broadwalk before splitting off right at the fountain. We will have marshals at this split but probably worth reminding runners of this.

As ever, the return down the start/finish straight (point 11) is always a tricky one. Again, this is marshalled but remind runners not to run down the path towards the hub

Water station

This will be the first marshalling point (1) so runners will in all essence pass this twice